From the far away land of Music City and beyond came a rare breed of trainers...

Cohort 46.

We began at Nashville Software School as aspiring developers ready to embark on a new journey.
We learned we can fail and have the capacity to get right back up again. We learned how to learn from our failures, and how to grow from them as a result. We learned how to think as software developers. We leave NSS more empowered, more equipped, and with a thirst for knowledge. We fought hard to get to where we are. We learned and grew individually, and as a team. With the help of the swift and steadfast instructors of Nashville Software School, this round of trainers can battle any bug, hack any code, and challenge any error.
Now, our time has come to earn a new badge: The Developer.

Nashville Software School Cohort 46

Come see us demo on June 25th!

Many of us came to NSS with the hope of starting over in our careers during the pandemic at a time that shook up our lives. We were faced with the task of diving into something as challenging as learning multiple new languages and building an entirely new skillset in such a short period of time. Forced to go beyond our comfort zone on a daily basis, we grew as a class, as a team—-and as software engineers.

To our extraordinary instructors: We definitely would not be where we are without you. Your encouragement, patience, and support have lifted us up and inspired us to be better developers. Jisie, Hannah, Scott, Sage, Bryan, Aja, Adam, and Jayna, you are remarkable educators, and we truly cherish the time we have had with you.

We began this journey knowing it would be challenging, but it was worth it in the end. Most importantly, we will take our learnings and apply them to any new languages, technologies, and challenges we pursue in the future.

Finally, a huge thank you to Nick Carver, Kylie Anyce, Madison Powell, Brittney Potts, Cheo Roman, Stacey Littrell, Erica Thompson, Emily Centko, and Caleb James and everyone who worked on the website for working together to create the class website—-all while learning server-side technology!